The Economy, Outdoor Events and Local Business in the City of Broomfield, CO

Broomfield CO Local Businesses

In the 90s, Broomfield and other suburbs in the area experienced enormous economic development, much of it focused on technology. According to the Broomfield Development Economic Corporation website, Broomfield’s top five employers are IBM in 4,200 employees, Sun Microsystems in 3,800 employees, Ball Corporation in 3,000 employees, and 3 flat communications in 2,000.

Broomfield has a widespread trail structure that builds the variety of lakes and parks. Stearns Lake and the Josh Pond are some of the major lakes that are connected by this stunning trail on the west side of the city. This city also has 9/11 memorials containing a piece of steel beam from the twin towers.

Broomfield’s company is the local newspaper in the city of Broomfield, CO. The Broomfield Chamber of Commerce is the local compartment of the business.

One of the oldest Broomfield auto representations is Chevrolet Century located at 6105 NW 120th Avenue. They have over 75 employees and have been serving the community for more than 20 years.

Government Officials in the city of Broomfield, CO

Executive officers

  • Mayor’s Karen Stuart
  • Randy Ahrens of Mayor Pro-Tem

Council members

  • Steve Kaverman
  • Bob Gaiser
  • Lori $ cox
  • Dennis McCloskey
  • Vincent Buzek
  • Bette Erickson
  • Walt Spader
  • Randy Ahrens
  • Linda Reynolds
  • Brian Kenyon


Since Broomfield was divided into four counties, the appropriate school for his county kept the students living in the city. Even though the city now joins within a county, students attend the same schools that would have attended if the county’s boundaries had remained the same.

The main school districts in Broomfield are Adams twelve five star schools and Boulder Valley school districts.

Broomfield owns an outstanding school system, with both public and private donations, that fuse the most advanced in educations artistic and innovative education programs.

Broomfield gives a type of lodging alternatives from affordable beginner pads to million-dollar official estates and mid-level upscale custom apartments, townhomes, and condos, to high-end residences and affordable apartments.

The city of Broomfield, CO, is a community connected. United by their homeowners, over 8,000 acreages of individual and unrestricted open lands, quick internet, global organizations, and a multimodal transit network, Broomfield offers a passage to Denver, Boulder, and the world.