The City of Broomfield CO

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The city and county of Broomfield rest in the northwestern line of the Denver-Aurora metropolitan area in the land of Colorado. Broomfield has an amalgamated city and province government. The United States Census Bureau figures that the people were 43,478 in 2005. Foothills Painting Broomfield reports that the 16th most crowded city in the land of Colorado.


Broomfield Township was consolidated in 1961 on the southeast edge of Boulder County, Colorado. Over the next three decades, the township arose with expansions, many of which traversed the province line in three adjoining counties: Adams County, Colorado, Jefferson County, Colorado, and others. In the 90s, city leaders began to drive the creation of a separate county to avoid the inefficiencies of bargaining with four separate regions of the court, four distinctive county seats, and four separate tax bases of county sales. Broomfield reasoned that he could provide more responsive services under his own county government, and attempted an amendment to the constitution of the state of Colorado to create a new county.

Adjacent Counties

 Adams County, Colorado - southeast

Jefferson County, Colorado - southwest

Boulder County, Colorado - northwest

Demography of Broomfield

As of this decade, there were:

Thirty-eight thousand two hundred seventy-two people in this city, among them there are 88% white, 1% African Americans, 1% Native Americans, 5% Asians, 10% Hispanics and Latin of any race, and 4% of other races. There are 13,843 Families, out of which 62% were married, and 42% had children under the age of 18.

In the city, the population of age gap under 18 was 29.3%, from 18 to 24 was 7.7%, from 24 to 44 was 36.3%, from 45 to 64 was 20.1% and over 65 years old was 6.6%. The average age of this city's population was 33 years, and for every 101.0 males, they were 100 females.

The average economy for a normal family in this city was 63,903$. If we look at the average economy between males and females, it’ll go down to being 49,732$ to 31,864$ for females. 26,488$ was the per capita income of a normal family in the City of Broomfield CO.

Out of all this, nearly 3% of the families residing in this city were below the poverty line including the 5% who are under 18 and 6% who are over 65 years old.