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The city and county of Broomfield rest in the northwestern line of the Denver-Aurora metropolitan area in the land of Colorado. Broomfield has an amalgamated city and province government. The United States Census Bureau figures that the people were 43,478 in 2005. Foothills Painting Broomfield reports that the 16th most crowded city in the land of Colorado.


Broomfield Township was consolidated in 1961 on the southeast edge of Boulder County, Colorado. Over the next three decades, the township arose with expansions, many of which traversed the province line in three adjoining counties: Adams County, Colorado, Jefferson County, Colorado, and others. In the 90s, city leaders began to drive the creation of a separate county to avoid the inefficiencies of bargaining with four separate regions of the court, four distinctive county seats, and four separate tax bases of county sales. Broomfield reasoned that he could provide more responsive services under his own county government, and attempted an amendment to the constitution of the state of Colorado to create a new county.

Adjacent Counties

 Adams County, Colorado - southeast

Jefferson County, Colorado - southwest

Boulder County, Colorado - northwest

Demography of Broomfield

As of this decade, there were:

Thirty-eight thousand two hundred seventy-two people in this city, among them there are 88% white, 1% African Americans, 1% Native Americans, 5% Asians, 10% Hispanics and Latin of any race, and 4% of other races. There are 13,843 Families, out of which 62% were married, and 42% had children under the age of 18.

In the city, the population of age gap under 18 was 29.3%, from 18 to 24 was 7.7%, from 24 to 44 was 36.3%, from 45 to 64 was 20.1% and over 65 years old was 6.6%. The average age of this city's population was 33 years, and for every 101.0 males, they were 100 females.

The average economy for a normal family in this city was 63,903$. If we look at the average economy between males and females, it’ll go down to being 49,732$ to 31,864$ for females. 26,488$ was the per capita income of a normal family in the City of Broomfield CO.

Out of all this, nearly 3% of the families residing in this city were below the poverty line including the 5% who are under 18 and 6% who are over 65 years old.

Broomfield CO Local Businesses

In the 90s, Broomfield and other suburbs in the area experienced enormous economic development, much of it focused on technology. According to the Broomfield Development Economic Corporation website, Broomfield’s top five employers are IBM in 4,200 employees, Sun Microsystems in 3,800 employees, Ball Corporation in 3,000 employees, and 3 flat communications in 2,000.

Broomfield has a widespread trail structure that builds the variety of lakes and parks. Stearns Lake and the Josh Pond are some of the major lakes that are connected by this stunning trail on the west side of the city. This city also has 9/11 memorials containing a piece of steel beam from the twin towers.

Broomfield’s company is the local newspaper in the city of Broomfield, CO. The Broomfield Chamber of Commerce is the local compartment of the business.

One of the oldest Broomfield auto representations is Chevrolet Century located at 6105 NW 120th Avenue. They have over 75 employees and have been serving the community for more than 20 years.

Government Officials in the city of Broomfield, CO

Executive officers

  • Mayor’s Karen Stuart
  • Randy Ahrens of Mayor Pro-Tem

Council members

  • Steve Kaverman
  • Bob Gaiser
  • Lori $ cox
  • Dennis McCloskey
  • Vincent Buzek
  • Bette Erickson
  • Walt Spader
  • Randy Ahrens
  • Linda Reynolds
  • Brian Kenyon


Since Broomfield was divided into four counties, the appropriate school for his county kept the students living in the city. Even though the city now joins within a county, students attend the same schools that would have attended if the county’s boundaries had remained the same.

The main school districts in Broomfield are Adams twelve five star schools and Boulder Valley school districts.

Broomfield owns an outstanding school system, with both public and private donations, that fuse the most advanced in educations artistic and innovative education programs.

Broomfield gives a type of lodging alternatives from affordable beginner pads to million-dollar official estates and mid-level upscale custom apartments, townhomes, and condos, to high-end residences and affordable apartments.

The city of Broomfield, CO, is a community connected. United by their homeowners, over 8,000 acreages of individual and unrestricted open lands, quick internet, global organizations, and a multimodal transit network, Broomfield offers a passage to Denver, Boulder, and the world.…

Communities in Broomfield CO

Broomfield, CO, and its surrounding place continue to be among our preferred big cities, and the list of factors is big; nevertheless, crowding and development are taking its toll.

The downtown place is lively, appealing, and practical, one of the best downtowns in the nation in our view as a business center, a tourist attraction for local citizens, and a place to live. More than the majority of United States cities today, individuals want to live close to downtown, and excellent city communities integrate with brand-new real estate in previous commercial places.

South of that place, also along the water, are brand-new museums, a brand-new convention center, outstanding carrying out arts places, and brand-new sports centers, including to the life and energy of the downtown place. The city spreads out into residential areas in all instructions and particularly east and south, with different living environments, but a lot of rural places are appealing and well linked to downtown.

The historical heritage of the city and area is fascinating and well protected. New betting places have restored such mining ghost towns to the west as Central City and Blackhawk; whether this is a stylish use of historical websites bring different viewpoints.

Close to the city, the Cherry Creek place, and the Park Hill community east of the big “City Park” deal exceptional living simply a couple of miles from the downtown core. South of town, the big residential areas of Littleton and Centennial provide excellent schools and real estate, and still more south Castle Rock provides household living in more of a nation setting, though development in these instructions has been perhaps a little too quick. Aurora, to the east, is rather featureless but really big, as is Lakewood to the west.

The great news: expenses have stayed fairly consistent, provided this pressure, compared particularly to other big cities and other Western areas. In spite of consistent efforts to keep the downtown appealing, metropolitan sprawl has created traffic, long commute times, and smog, especially in the summertime months and especially along the I-25 north-south passage. The financial photo is still beneficial but not without danger, and the place is promoting and reasonably economical for a huge city.

The front wall of the Rockies increases quickly west of town with many stream valleys and canyons assembling in the South Platte River. The stimulating continental environment, normal of the Rocky Mountain area, brings regular modifications, but just brief periods of cold or incredibly warm weather conditions.

Positioned a long-range from any wetness source and separated from the Pacific Ocean by a number of high mountain barriers, Denver takes pleasure in low relative humidity, light rainfall, and plentiful sunlight. Serious weather condition is normally restricted to places further east. The mountains shelter the place from the greatest winter season storms and cold air blasts, but fall and spring normally bring at least one snowstorm.